Amazon Listings


Amazon Listings

Everyone knows that Amazon is the largest e- commerce site in the world, attracting buyers and sellers from every country, because Amazon can sell their products globally.

However, selling on Amazon can be confusing. It is time-consuming to list multiple products or a variety of products. Keeping track of product descriptions, uploaded photos and reviews can be a full-time job. Made more difficult by Amazon’s standards and demand for seller product description accuracy, descriptions that should be concise, yet well-worded to grab attention and to attract buyers.

That’s where Netmark comes in!  We catalogue your products and manage the visuals; properly re-size images, create graphics or other image related materials.  We then use analytics to find the search terms most often used by your prospective buyer, and incorporate these terms in your descriptions, “leading” the buyer to your product. Finally, we “nudge” buyers to post reviews, . . . reviews that are essential to selling successfully on Amazon.

amazon listings

Netmark provides services for all your Amazon listing needs, including:

  • Product entry information and upload
  • Cataloging and indexing 
  • Payment portal aid
  • Delivery information reports
  • Data mining and analysis
  • Customized work upon request

Additional Services

We start the process by listening and getting acquainted with your product(s), so we can determine the best possible method and style for uploading, listing, cataloging, image data use to effectively manage your product(s). We do a Q.C. follow up to make sure the listing was correct on Amazon, all the while, keeping you informed.

Contact Netmark today! We can have you selling on Amazon faster than you can say Amazing!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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