Netmark Bookkeeping Services provide modern day solutions that solve costly bookkeeping and accounting problems. Netmark handles your QuickBooks or Sage accounting… collating your data and creating the statements that make tax filing easy and compliant.
Our professional services cover the entire gamut of bookkeeping services.

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At Netmark, we focus on the details of everyday data entry, and overall bookkeeping, while maintaining each source document within an organized folder structure system for easy review and retrieval.

As a virtual back office, Netmark manages each aspect of the bookkeeping process for our clients. We do the initial set-up, then continue to service your business needs with accessible support, maintenance, and consulting. A-Z accounting and business services!

Our thoroughly trained, professional team of bookkeepers can quickly adapt to your specific software and company processes, while delivering quick turnaround and meeting high quality industry standards.

Scope of Services

Classify and analyze source documents to store in structure folder or document management system(s)
  • Periodic or daily purchasing entries
  • Periodic or daily invoicing entries
  • Weekly or monthly bank reconciliation
  • Periodic or monthly credit card reconciliation
  • Periodic follow up of missing financial records
  • Maintain status of prepared books, missing records
  • Manage A/P and A/R with generated aging reports
  • Maintain asset appreciation and equipment depreciation ledgers
  • Analyze and validate each ledger account for data entry accuracy
  • Record sales and sales tax entries to coincide with sales tax returns
  • Record payroll and payroll tax transactions to coincide with payroll tax returns

Automated Services

Netmark is well versed and proficient with all major and accredited accounting software including:

  • QuickBooks
  • Quicken
  • Peachtree
  • Any custom accounting software

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