At Netmark, we come to work every day eager and prepared to offer the best services and support possible to our clients.

Netmark Services began by offering claims management solutions (RCM) to a niche marketplace of hospitals and providers, forging long term partnerships. Through the years, however, as our staff and technological resources expanded, so has our service offerings.

In our 20-year journey, we have enriched ourselves with the insights we gleaned from our valuable clients, the market, and even our competitors. This ongoing education has shaped our business philosophy of doing things the ‘Netmark Way’. The Netmark Way is keeping the customer as the focus and serving them with the twin resources of motivated employees and cutting-edge technology.

What have we learned?

Netmark knows that our team and technology are the foundation of our success and longevity. Netmark’s educated and resourceful teams are trained in “The Netmark Way” of coming to work each day prepared to put forward top of the line service and support to workplace processes.

We’ve learned that while our clients appreciate value, they know that you “get what you pay for”, which isn’t always good. Our clients also know that paying a bit more for accuracy, timeliness and constant support availability, provided by “real people”, is a greater return on investment.

Netmark Today

Today Netmark ranks among the top few medical support providers in the U.S and globally. Our other services – medical record review, IME support services, data conversion and virtual accounting have all grown and enjoy a prominent position in their segments.

Netmark way is to ensure sustainable growth by enabling growth of the customers.


Our Mission

To have an inspirational partnership with our clients, learning how we can grow to support their growth.

Our Energy

Our Energy

We hear you! We encourage our clients to “tell us like it is”. Growth comes from challenges, and sometimes mistakes. At Netmark when we make a mistake, “We Own It”!


Our Promise

To support and service your business endeavors with integrity and respect, delivering the same enthusiasm for success the top leadership would within your own business or organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Netmark prides itself on its deep expertise on multiple platforms like QNXT, AMISYS, FACETS, HSP among others. Netmark’s bench of expert examiners and appeal experts can truly help reduce claim inventory substantially in a matter of days.

All software pend a deny a percentage of claims while auto adjudicating a majority of claims. Backlogs and appeals are inevitable. Processing appeals are expensive as only the smartest and most experienced examiners can work on appeals. Netmark can offer extremely experienced appeal processors and offers a per-appeal processed price that helps the claims processing department stay within or under budget. Give us a call or email us at [email protected] for a quick conversation.

All software pend a deny a percentage of claims while auto adjudicating a majority of claims We offer…

Provider call centers manned by experienced adjudicators with knowledge of navigating complex adjudicating software

Experienced retired claim directors who can act as a SWAT team to handle any complex claims issue

Plan configuration – Am experienced team of claim configurators who can work with your actuaries and configure

In the 20 years’ that we’ve been in business, we’ve learned a lot from our competitors. We’ve watched as our competitors offered services less expensive than ours, we’ve watched them struggle to retain quality employees, we’ve watched them use outdated technology, and we’ve watched some of them go out of business.

Today, Netmark Services ranks within the top tier of medical support providers in the United States and globally. Our other services offerings, medical records, IME support services, data conversion and virtual accounting continue to flourish.

Netmark’s specialization services and innovative business solutions are committed to growth and long-term sustainability for us and for our clients.