Compliance Agreements

Netmark understands the importance of the legal, professional, and ethical standards related to health care information. Netmark has developed effective policies and procedures for defining appropriate conduct and training our organization’s staff members.  Furthermore, adherence to these processes and policies is monitored periodically and regularly.  Our health care information compliance covers key areas such as billing, patient personal information, reimbursement data, and HIPAA privacy and security.

Periodic audits are conducted to ensure that all our functions and processes adhere to the security standards as required by the industry and governmental statutes. Every employee is required to take up compliance and security training, and all the standards set by the Information Security Management System are stringently adhered to.

Our services assure all the essential compliance needs as required by regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, and HITECH Act. We ensure this by implementing the following stringently:

  • Every employee at Netmark signs a non-disclosure agreement and enters into a confidential agreement that expressly states that no confidential information may be used, disclosed, published, or allowed to be used by others.
  • Violation of the agreement will lead to legal action and termination of employment.
  • The organization makes use of access cards as well as biometric access screening to control the entry of employees into the premises. The facility is manned round the clock, and entry of unauthorized persons is not possible.
  • Only authorized personnel can have access to critical areas such as the server room.
  • Only authorized personnel are provided with full Internet/Email access.
  • Computer systems can be accessed only using proper credentials; every team member is provided unique credentials.
  • All compliance management processes are managed and ensured by a dedicated Compliance Officer.
  • Compliance management processes are regularly updated and strongly adhered to.

The extensive security and compliance training required to be completed by every Netmark employee includes topics related to the following:

  • PCI
  • Clear screen/Clean Desk
  • Email and Internet security
  • Physical security controls
  • Password protection
  • Secure disposal
  • Incident reporting protocols
  • Social engineering

The experienced Netmark team has acquired the expertise to comply with all the federal and state health care rules, laws, and regulations. We make it a priority to comply with all the regulations that apply to health care information.