Data Collection


Data Collection

Every business needs to understand its customer and market and do market research to understand current satisfaction levels of its customers and clients. Every business needs to identify market gaps and constantly innovate. All research in consumer goods and services need enumeration, data warehousing and analysis. Netmark Services specializes in providing services around data generated from research.

The primary tool in research is data analysis. Collecting data using in house resources is difficult, time consuming, expensive and not a good use of inhouse resources

In Pharma research Netmark provides physician panels who can anonymously provide answers to surveys to understand efficacy of drugs and other issues connected with the medication

Netmark conducts surveys on behalf of political candidates before elections on behalf of colleges and radio stations.

Surveys are typically completed on a portal. Enumerators will have no visibility to the initiator.

On clinical surveys Netmark has done prescription patterns based on Zip codes to assess performance of Pharmaceutical sales representatives

data collection

Netmark Experience

Netmark is well versed and proficient with all major and accredited accounting software including:

  • Collection of both data types both types of data:
    • Quantitative: numbers and measurements
    • Qualitative: Impressions, feelings and biases
  • Pharma Data Collection: clinical surveys, prescription patterns, utilization, etc.
  • Agencies: Polling, regulation changes
  • Engineering Firms: Prototype testing

Integrity and Accuracy

Our QA standardized practices include an outside reputed audit firm, double blind survey techniques, random internal audits help maintain data collection and analysis integrity.

If the reliability, consistency, and accuracy of your data collections are important, Netmark is your partner

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Netmark prides itself on its deep expertise on multiple platforms like QNXT, AMISYS, FACETS, HSP among others. Netmark’s bench of expert examiners and appeal experts can truly help reduce claim inventory substantially in a matter of days.

All software pend a deny a percentage of claims while auto adjudicating a majority of claims. Backlogs and appeals are inevitable. Processing appeals are expensive as only the smartest and most experienced examiners can work on appeals. Netmark can offer extremely experienced appeal processors and offers a per-appeal processed price that helps the claims processing department stay within or under budget. Give us a call or email us at [email protected] for a quick conversation.

All software pend a deny a percentage of claims while auto adjudicating a majority of claims We offer…

Provider call centers manned by experienced adjudicators with knowledge of navigating complex adjudicating software

Experienced retired claim directors who can act as a SWAT team to handle any complex claims issue

Plan configuration – Am experienced team of claim configurators who can work with your actuaries and configure