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Manage the durable medical equipment (DME) billing needs of your practice efficiently amid the constantly changing compliance and reimbursement regulations. Meet the ever-changing payor policies and get constant updates with the industry requirements with Netmark’s unparalleled DME billing services.

DME claims necessitate relevant knowledge and experience to ensure coverage and eligibility. While certain items may not be purchased, they may just be rented. Yet other items need to be rented before being purchased, according to BCBSNC medical policies. Moreover, credentialing and/or eligibility norms must be met by the DME supplier. Netmark, with its vast industry experience, can manage these, and increase your practice’s collections.

Netmark helps health care providers and medical organizations to navigate the processes of claims submission, document review, accounts receivable management, and cash posting. Our professionals will deftly streamline your practice’s revenue cycle through our robust DME billing service. Enabling clients to achieve maximum reimbursements in the shortest possible time is our specialty.

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Our Services Include

Netmark employs the most modern software and has the capability to remotely access our clients’ databases. Netmark provides client-specific, customized DME billing solutions that empower our customers to run their practices smoothly and focus on their core function of providing patient care. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Accurate data capture
  • Claim filing
  • Preparing statements
  • Denial management
  • Customized reporting
  • Review of claims
  • Accounts receivable

How We Operate

Netmark is ranked among the top-rated DME billing companies. Our billing process is well-crafted, ensures reliable collection, and meets all compliance needs. Our standard procedures include:

  • Review of all documentation
  • Claim submission
  • Payment posting
  • Follow-up on unacknowledged claims by payors
  • Follow-up on incomplete pays and rejections
  • Counseling non-compliant patients

Why Netmark?

Netmark has been certified for DME billing; our processes are HIPAA compliant. Netmark’s authorized for billing certificates of medical necessity. Netmark provides accounts receivable solutions for DME billing. Our services include generating precise reports. Our solutions help you to boost your practice productivity and improve collections while bringing down your operational costs.
Worldwide, there is a constant increase in the number of the aging population and chronic medical conditions. This necessitates home care and the use of durable medical equipment for managing the health care of people. Health care providers and medical practices are burdened with the responsibility of patient care. Handling front office needs related to checking documents, entering patient demographics, and eligibility verification call for a reliable and skilled third-party service provider. Netmark helps the medical fraternity with these tasks effectively.

The Benefits of Availing our Services

  • Increase in revenue flow
  • Management reports every month plus a dashboard that provides a day to day snapshot of the business
  • Error-free patient demographics entry
  • Improved collections
  • Cost savings
  • A major portion of the claims being paid on the first submission
  • Reduced denials
  • Expertise in several specialties
  • Cost-effective pricing

If you are seeking a reliable DME billing partner who can ensure unparalleled consistency and help you to improve your practice cash flow, get in touch with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

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