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Costs vary based on the services requested, such as the level of complexity, specific user-defined specifications, specific turnaround time (TAT), and monthly page volume. Netmark can offer standard pricing or flat-rate plans that may apply for larger, consistent weekly/monthly volumes to any individual, group, or organization. Some of our more comprehensive services involve multiple medical professionals, which in many cases, increases the individual reporting cost and will be determined between the client and a Netmark representative.

Netmark typically invoices for standard MRR (medical record review) work in a line-item fashion based on a per-page or bid cost. The invoicing separates each submitted case by case/client name, date, and/or customer billing account number. For ease of operation, Medico-Legal clients often request charges and costs to be reflected in an hourly rate fashion, which Netmark also accommodates as desired.

Life Care Plans and Medical Cost Projections may require multiple professionals to review and provide input, depending on their complexity. This affects the TAT (turnaround time) and the end cost. Before the start of production, each LCP or MCP will be provided and agreed upon in a bid fashion.

Netmark provides staffing for both your needs. Our sales and support staff are based in the US, following organizational rules driven by local idiosyncrasies. However, most report reviewers and associated staff are provided by non-US-based personnel, which enables Netmark to offer low-price points to the benefit of our end-users. The doctors, experts, and nurses providing medical services for record reviews and opinions are US-based and have specialties and sub-specialties in the areas of expertise requested. As for Life Care Planning and Medical Cost Projection plans, those services are provided by US-based experts in the relevant fields required for each plan.

Yes. Netmark, through the years, has developed relationships with medical professionals with varying areas of expertise and backgrounds which we call upon to provide an opinion based on records of medical services they received. These opinions are especially useful in legal litigations and pleadings and assisting in the production of Life Care Plans where such opinions necessitate a medical professional or expert opinion and remarks.

It depends on the complexity of the medical record. Its complexity is often determined by handwritten notes, lab reports, and images such as x-rays or MRI reports. We are geared to handle north of 150000 pages a month. Most cases are 400 pages. The largest for an individual we have worked on is 34000 pages.

Netmark has two offices at locations, the main office is in Cincinnati, OH, and a remote office is located in Chennai, India.

Netmarks medical report reviewers have a diverse range of medical backgrounds, including all levels of internal medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, physical therapy, microbiology, biology, zoology, and biotechnology. Additionally, some staff members have received specialized training in reviewing and analyzing medical documents for the purposes of organization and classification. The creation and preparation of Life Care Plans (LCP) and Medical Cost Projections (MCP) involves the collaboration of various medical professionals based on the unique needs of each plan. Each plan is matched with the appropriate medical expertise to ensure the best possible outcome.

Netmark offers a standard turnaround time of 7-10 business days for general reporting requirements. However, we can expedite reporting needs as needed within a timeframe of 2-3 days. Please note that, depending on our current workload, an additional fee may be charged to prioritize the work ahead of other ongoing projects. In the case of Life Care Plans and Medical Cost Projections, a longer time frame is necessary as they require input from several professionals for a comprehensive and accurate outcome.

Netmark has a proprietary platform that allows users to upload files in a HIPAA-compliant manner. The client can also monitor the progress of the file upload. Netmark also offers other secure and HIPAA-compliant platforms, depending on the client’s preferences. Sharefile is a secure file transfer application that offers safe and secure transfer and storage of client files, as well as a built-in notification system to alert all listed users of any site or folder activity. Netmark also utilizes customer-provided applications based on each client’s preferences.

No, Netmark has doctors as consultants on a retainer. Netmark does have agreements and access to a plethora of medical professionals with varying backgrounds and medical expertise to fulfill the needs of most clients needs. The medical professionals have come from long-standing relationships developed while serving them as valued clients and both the medical professional and Netmark have come to understand the services each expects.

Netmark can provide reporting and services in multiple formats defined by the user. We have created a library of reporting schemes based on years of serving our client base. Our clients can choose from our library or ask us to adjust any of our standard formats to meet their needs and requirements.

Netmark is a SOC II Type 2 certified Corporation. SOC II is the highest form of certification on security there and is often used as a benchmark by all white glove law firms and major hospitals in the country.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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