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The complicated facets of mass tort litigation and involvement of large numbers of clients and claimants have become even more complex in today’s Mass Tort World. Many Mass Tort firms have furloughed staff or have people working remote, creating tight staffing situations, and more challenges.

Netmark Services offers an alternative with our mass tort litigation solutions. Through our expertise, technology, and agility, we can resolve staffing issues and relieve operational pressures to keep litigation moving smoothly and effectively.

Where we can help

  • Claimant Communications
  • Claimant Intake Service
  • Medical Records Management
  • Cash Flow Analytics

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Claimant Intake

Netmark’s technology assesses case trends early on, quickly making changes with your input as needed. Netmark can offer an inbound call center for claimant calls, complete intake forms, collate them and present to attorneys.

Medical Records Management

Netmark is a mass tort support provider making it one of the best resources for the medical record processing and management process. Netmark can retrieve medical records, sort them and produce Chronologies and Narrative summaries.

Netmark analyzes medical records, sorts and indexes them  and creates Narrative summaries. Our experience, speed and quality make us ideal litigation support partners.

Netmark's Automated Solutions

Our automated solutions allow mass claims to be processed in volume. Our technology, expertise and economy of scale reduce per record cost, saving both time and money for Netmark’s attorneys and law firm clientele. Our clients can expect complete transparency from us and to retain control over their record management process, and with our continual investments in leading technology, utilized by our educated claimant services teams, we can rapidly adjust to retainer and/or intake processing needs. Again, saving your firm time and money.

Cash Flow Analytics

Data analytics are crucial to financial projections and cash flow. As your support services provider, Netmark Services analyzes your data to provide viability projections that help mass tort firms make astute operational and financial decisions.

Record Retrieval Services

Record retrieval is a challenge in every mass tort litigation.  Retrieving records from providers, hospitals and nursing homes is a daunting task. Through Netmark’s years of experience in working with hospital nurses and hospital record administrators, we’ve honedin on ways to expeditated record retrieval.

Netmark Services offers a better alternative. We excel in record retrieval services for mass tort, workers’ compensation, and medical malpractice litigations and have referenced experience. We provide reports on missing or “no records” retrieval requests and as an SOC 2 certified company, we have the highest security and follow strict adherence to HIPAA guidelines. Our staff is well-trained in medical terminology and the overall retrieval processes to provide quality assurance against any compliance risks.

There are lots of outsourcing services that can help relieve your staffing issues, but overall, they are short term solutions to long term problems. Netmark is more than just a record retrieval service. We sort, analyze, and summarize medical records daily. We understand the impact and importance of missing medical records, which is why we work diligently to retrieve what you need.

Netmark strives to become a partner in your enterprise.

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