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Medical record reviews – done better and faster

With courts having been closed during the pandemic, more and more law firms and insurance companies are scrambling to get their medical records sorted and indexed. Netmark uses a fine combination of people, processes and programs (software) to create chronologies, Narrative summaries and spreadsheets populated with vital data extracted from Medical records.

Netmark summarizes records, saving you time and money

Typically, Medical records are assigned to Nurses and paralegals who start with sorting the records chronologically. With Netmark the client uploads the medical records via a secure portal. The records once received, are run though a software program developed by Netmark to sort it chronologically. The team then creates a table of contents to start analyzing the records based on the exact request.

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Netmark then populates a customized dashboard for the client with all the different patient records in various stages of work and completion dates. This is made available to the client for easy understanding of the status of the various chronologies and their delivery dates

Unique reports and storage

Each chronology, Narrative summary is unique and is like the fingerprint of that one individual. Each completed report is assigned a unique number and the number, report and Medical records are stored in a HIPAA compliant database for three years. Any time the client wants to revisit a report or retrieve the report it is available to them. We also offer our clients the option to delete the record(s) from our portal after it has been downloaded.

Hyperlinked Chronology

More and more attorneys want to see a contents page that is hyperlinked to the actual record. We can provide this as easily with page numbers and images indexed and hyperlinked along with the Chronology.

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Netmark provides comprehensive medicolegal services to attorneys. If you are a Mass tort attorney or a PI attorney, you are probably spending serious dollars with paralegals or RN’s to sort and collate Medical records and provide a chronology or narrative. Our narrative division has a team of experienced medical professionals. Netmark will sort medical records, create a hyper-linked content sheet and provide a summary or narrative expeditiously and at a compelling price point.
Netmark also provides all kinds of other legal services support like creating depositions from audio files.

If you are looking for a group of professionals to create chronologies, narrative summaries, or excel spreadsheets on varying outcomes of a mass tort medication/litigation, Netmark provides these services with speedy turn-around times and at compelling price points. Netmark also offers certified Life Care Plans.

We provide record retrieval as part of our chronology and narrative summary offerings. It is a specialized skill for which we use a combination of technology and people on the phone with familiarity with the practices of various providers and their record departments. The average time for a retrieval is between 4 to 6 weeks.