Expedited Medical Record Retrieval and Review

For years Medical records were in paper format and finding these records was a monumental task for most providers. Then there was HIPAA which added a layer of complexity and then everything is now partially paper and partially electronic. Given the complexity of HIPAA laws, provider labor shortages, covid closures and compliance protocols, obtaining relevant medical records is becoming a truly daunting endeavor. We will work with your provider list to obtain all the medical records, authorizations as expeditiously as possible.  

We use customized protocols for the medical records to be securely transferred to the requesting entity or attorney.

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Medical Records Summary

Medical records and their review is at the core of all Personal Injury, Mass Tort and other cases.

Netmark provides Medical Record Review and summarization services on time done diligently and at compelling price points.

Medical record and review starts with receiving medical records through a secure portal such as Share File. The records are then sorted, numbered to using custom software, then indexed and catalogued.

The team them produces a summary based on the findings and if needed hyperlinks the actual records to the index and summary.

The whole process is very transparent via a customized dashboard viewed by the attorney and Netmark

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Frequently Asked Questions

We only retrieve Medical records from providers.
Depends on several factors. Age of the candidate, period for which medical records are needed, the number of providers and geographies that the client has sought medical care etc. Typical client will be six weeks.