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About Netmark

Netmark Services Provide RCM services to Global health care organizations. Netmark provides impeccable revenue cycle management solutions to health care facilities and providers across the world since 2011. Netmark has an efficient team of trained and seasoned billing professionals with vast experience in dealing with the medical billing related issues for all medical specialties. Every biller at Netmark is qualified and certified.

Netmark Services is led by people with deep knowledge and experience in the health care information industry. Not just claim submission and payment collection, Netmark provides a comprehensive, holistic revenue cycle management service that includes all processes from patient data capture through reimbursement of claims.

Why Netmark?

Netmark understands and customizes processes to maximize client efficiencies. To ensure visible improvement in the practice revenue cycle of the facilities

Netmark is a pioneering Enterprise in health care info management.


To provide the most optimal revenue cycle management service to global health care facilities and providers and relieve them burden associated with billing and accounting so that they can to enable better focus on patient care..


To enable Providers focus on patient care and revenue accretion by managing their RCM function effectively.


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