Hospital RCM

Comprehensive revenue cycle management services for health care providers and hospitals that look to enhancing cash flow to accomplish sustainable financial performance. RCM services that include all clinical and administrative processes involved in hospital RCM.

Netmark provides robust, tech-driven revenue cycle management solutions to hospitals and health care facilities of all types and sizes. Our end-to-end RCM services help providers and practices to unify the clinical and business sides by connecting administrative data such as patient details and insurance provider information with the treatment received by the patients and their health care information.

Our goal is to enable health care organizations and providers to maximize their reimbursements, spend less time on administrative processes, and focus better on patient care. Netmark help you to transform your revenue cycle and meet industry demands. Regardless of whether you need any specific point within the revenue cycle or services across the continuum, with best practices, Netmark facilitate you and your team to better focus on creating improved patient experiences while improving your business.

Our clients…

Netmark help hospitals and health systems across the globe to enhance their revenue, improve patient experience, and deliver high-quality care. Our clients include…:

  • Hospitals and health care systems
  • Health care providers
  • Medical practices of all specialties
  • Medical billing companies
  • Dental practices
  • Durable Medical Equipment dealers
  • Large clinics
  • Mental health facilities
  • Law offices dealing with excessive billing or wrongful billing issues

Our Key RCM Services

Netmark Services equips hospitals and health care systems with the essential expertise to successfully transition to a value-based care delivery system. Netmark help clients to handle the constant changes that occur in the health care ecosystem and meet the challenges efficiently. The following are a few of our key services to the health care organizations and medical professionals:

  • Patient Registration
  • Insurance Eligibility Verification
  • Medical Coding
  • Charge Entry
  • Payment Posting
  • Claims Handling
  • Denials Management
  • AR Recovery
  • Reporting
  • Payment Collections

Why Us?

By partnering with Netmark, hospitals and medical specialties gain access to the most experienced billers and AR teams, modern technologies and reliable, effective revenue cycle management solutions that guarantee optimum reimbursement.  Our clients achieve multiple benefits  as in improved collections, streamlining of their processes, better governance, and innovative automation technologies. All these translate into reduced costs and overall improvement to practice productivity and efficiency.

The following are a few of the major advantages of availing the revenue cycle management services from Netmark:

  • Cost reduction
  • Improved collections
  • Better AR follow up
  • Cleaner and faster cash posting
  • Increased coding  accuracy
  • Efficient management of business operations
  • Achieve better compliance

If you are a modern medical practice or health care provider looking for increasing your practice efficiency and profitability, approach us.

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