Medical Coding

Health care facilities and providers are almost always faced with complications associated with managing accurate medical coding. This is generally caused by the constantly changing standards and coding compliance needs. This is where the service of expert medical coders is felt. Netmark Services assists clients with accurate coding.

Netmark services ensures timely and error-free coding solutions that positively impact the revenue cycle of medical facilities and physician practices. Partnering with Netmark Services to manage your practice’s billing and collection needs will allow you to obtain unlimited benefits – being able to re-dedicate your resources and project your efforts toward patient care. Our skilled and experienced medical billing and coding professionals have been trained to stay in line with all the changes and updates in the billing and coding processes

Coding is a small, yet core element of a health care organization’s revenue cycle. Our coding services warrant submission of error-free claims and prompt collection, thus ensuring the financial performance.

At Netmark Services, Netmark endeavor to enable our clients to achieve the highest possible level of reimbursement while staying current with the latest changes in the standards and industry. Having decades of hands-on experience in managing the RCM of various medical specialties, and being equipped with the best talents in the industry, Netmark assure a comprehensive, reliable revenue cycle management process.

How We Operate

Netmark combine the most modern technology with expertise gained over the years to deliver client-specific medical coding solutions. The seasoned team of Netmark professionals not only ensures your medical facility’s financial well-being but also streamlines and optimizes the processes in your practice to improve overall care quality.

By partnering with us you will be able to gain access to the innovative and completely integrated medical coding services while achieving a competitive edge that propels your practice ahead of peers. Netmark provide a comprehensive range of coding services that help you to maximize your practice reimbursement and offer unprecedented patient experience. Medical Coding Services from Netmark covers all specialties and ensures that increased revenue is generated.

The Benefits of Medical Coding Services from Netmark

Netmark help health care providers to enhance their coding accuracy and quality, and reduce the potential for claim denials. Partnering with Netmark for unmatched medical coding solutions will facilitate a smooth revenue cycle for your practice while relieving you and your team from having to spend precious time on coding. Our services help you to manage the increasing complexities of legal mandates and the need for accurate documentation.

The following are a few of the key advantages of coding services provided by Netmark:

  • ICD-10 and other statutory compliance needs are fulfilled
  • Certified and experienced coders for every specialty
  • denials are greatly reduced
  • Provider documentation is significantly improved
  • Overall care quality of the practice is enhanced
  • Turnaround time is reduced

If you are seeking ways to transform your revenue cycle by leveraging technology and save time to focus

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