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Netmark provides robust accounts receivable management solutions to health care facilities and providers. Our services help clients to improve patient collections ad increase their revenues so that the financial performance of their practice is well maintained, and their RCM is accelerated.

Netmark Services helps clients to improve their invoicing and collections while increasing patient satisfaction through smooth and effective accounts receivable management. Our AR management services are aimed at ensuring that your receivables are converted into revenue effectively and quickly. With our modern proprietary technology, we facilitate higher productivity as well as maximum ROI for your health care practice.

The streamlined services from Netmark Services empower medical practices to prioritize their processes related to AR management and liquidation. Our solutions help to accelerate practice cash flow through transparent and innovative processes, using analytics and automated tools. A personalized reporting system clearly depicts the various critical financial factors such as net revenue calculations, detailed billing and accounts receivable data, and cash flow projections.

How We Serve Health Care Providers and Facilities

Using the most modern technology and innovative processes, Netmark facilitate increased collections, reduced days outstanding, and better visibility into your receivables transactions. Our solutions enable viewing patient account records and billed claim history at any point in time. Tracking transactions and managing denied claims is facilitated as well, thus enhancing the overall productivity and efficiency of your practice.

Our AR Management & Analytics Services Include

The primary objective of accounts receivable management is ensuring optimized practice productivity by gaining in-depth insight into the financial performance of a practice. Netmark endeavor to enable hospitals and physicians to achieve optimized cash flow while bringing down the collection costs.

Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Accounts receivable management
  • Patient billing
  • Order management
  • Credit control
  • Cash management
  • Collections management
  • Bad debt analysis
  • Delinquency minimization
  • Out-of-state Medicaid program
  • Claims management

Why Us?

Our accounts receivable solutions will act as the core of your practice revenue management cycle and make the RCM continuum more operationally efficient. Our solutions will help you to improve the financial well-being of your practice while ensuring practice profitability.

The following are a few of the specific benefits of availing the accounts receivable services from Netmark Services:

  • Compliance risk will be considerably reduced
  • Patient collections and revenue will be increased
  • Claims management will become effective and denials will be minimized
  • Self-pay collections will be improved and high deductible health plans can be managed efficiently
  • Overall billing and collection efficiency will be significantly enhanced
  • Costs related to billing and payment collections will be reduced
  • Our services range from an efficient invoicing system through customized reporting through collection calls to customers. By choosing Netmark as your Account Receivable Management partner, your practice will be freed from the mundane administrative and payment collection tasks so that you and your team can focus better on patient care delivery.

If you are looking for an effective and reliable way to improve your revenue cycle through an innovative business model, approach us.

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