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Netmark is HITRUST certified
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What do we do?

  • Knowledge-based solutions to Health Plans, Third Party Administrators (TPAs), and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)
  • Examination and adjudication services on multiple platforms to help health plans and TPAs ease their claims load and be in compliance
  • Provide call center services that require a deep knowledge of (the Health Plan’s / TPA’s) adjudication software
  • Medical chronology and narrative summaries for Mass Tort, Medical Legal Evaluations and Personal injury (PI) cases
  • Quick and efficient Tax returns for CPAs and Bookkeeping services for their clients


  • Netmark Medical Records Review Services offers professional medical record review solutions tailored to meet the needs of healthcare providers and legal professionals in the USA. Our team utilizes advanced technology and expert human oversight to streamline the review process, providing detailed chronologies, narrative summaries, and organized spreadsheets extracted from medical records.
  • With our secure portal, clients can conveniently upload their records and track the progress of their reviews through a personalized dashboard. Whether you require medical records summaries for legal proceedings or clinical record review for healthcare purposes, Netmark ensures accuracy, efficiency, and confidentiality. Trust us for thorough and reliable medical record review services that prioritize professionalism and precision.


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Core industries


Netmark works in the healthcare space,  providing examination and adjudicating support to Health Plans and TPA among other services.


The services include medical record review, case analysis, expert witness testimony, and other related services to support legal cases.

Virtual Accounting

This service comprises comprehensive book keeping, customer specific financial statements and filing tax returns among other things.

A well-established name in the healthcare and business outsourcing services, we provide our clients with quick and easy solutions, including a readily available backup team of well-trained professionals, easy and user-friendly onboarding, and client specific projects, all at attractively competitive prices.

Health Plan and TPA Services

Good claim adjudication/examination is at the heart of the financial success of a health plan and TPA. Timely and accurate claims adjudication enables health plans to keep their providers happy and networks growing. Netmark, an SOC II certified company excels in providing an efficient, scalable and cost-efficient team of experts and secure solutions.

Litigation Support

With years of experience and domain knowledge, we are an industry-leading provider oflitigation support for medical records sorting, chronology, indexing, narrative summaries and depositions. Netmark is the ideal one-stop medico-legal litigation support for law firms.

Accounting Support

Netmark provides accurate, timely and cost-effective tax returns to CPAs, starting with the previous year’s data and populating current data to ensure timely and accurate returns.

Netmark and its team have the requisite expertise in operating, maintaining and extracting data from QuickBooks / Sage and others, and populating Tax Prep software like Pro Series, ATX, and Patriot accurately, and thereby alerting CPAs on missing documents from previous years.


Why Netmark

With over twenty years’ experience, Netmark provides crucial administrative support to health plans, TPA’s, the legal community, accounting firms and businesses at large. We come to work every day eager and prepared to offer our clients the best services and support possible by improving overall efficiency while staying cost competitive, resulting in improved bottom lines.
As a leader in the support services industry, you may be assured of a return
on investment when using our services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Costs vary based on the services requested, such as the level of complexity, specific user-defined specifications, specific turnaround time (TAT), and monthly page volume. Netmark can offer standard pricing or flat-rate plans that may apply for larger, consistent weekly/monthly volumes to any individual, group, or organization. Some of our more comprehensive services involve multiple medical professionals, which in many cases, increases the individual reporting cost and will be determined between the client and a Netmark representative.

Netmark typically invoices for standard MRR (medical record review) work in a line-item fashion based on a per-page or bid cost. The invoicing separates each submitted case by case/client name, date, and/or customer billing account number. For ease of operation, Medico-Legal clients often request charges and costs to be reflected in an hourly rate fashion, which Netmark also accommodates as desired.

Life Care Plans and Medical Cost Projections may require multiple professionals to review and provide input, depending on their complexity. This affects the TAT (turnaround time) and the end cost. Before the start of production, each LCP or MCP will be provided and agreed upon in a bid fashion.

Netmark provides staffing for both your needs. Our sales and support staff are based in the US, following organizational rules driven by local idiosyncrasies. However, most report reviewers and associated staff are provided by non-US-based personnel, which enables Netmark to offer low-price points to the benefit of our end-users. The doctors, experts, and nurses providing medical services for record reviews and opinions are US-based and have specialties and sub-specialties in the areas of expertise requested. As for Life Care Planning and Medical Cost Projection plans, those services are provided by US-based experts in the relevant fields required for each plan.

Yes. Netmark, through the years, has developed relationships with medical professionals with varying areas of expertise and backgrounds which we call upon to provide an opinion based on records of medical services they received. These opinions are especially useful in legal litigations and pleadings and assisting in the production of Life Care Plans where such opinions necessitate a medical professional or expert opinion and remarks.