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The healthcare industry still needs help with certain claims that are written by hand due to a variety of reasons. To address this issue, Netmark offers various services to assist healthcare providers in streamlining their claims process.

These services include basic data entry, digitization of paper records, and direct input of claim data into an adjudication system. Netmark also specializes in keying data from Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) or Uniform Billing (UB) forms, commonly used in the healthcare industry.

We offer storage and cataloging of claims for future reference and processing of claims to ensure they are submitted accurately and efficiently. With our service, healthcare providers can focus on providing quality patient care while we take care of administrative tasks.

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Basic keying

Entering data into a computer system to convert it for use in health claims is basic keying. It involves manually entering information into the system, such as patient demographics, insurance information, and details about the medical services provided.

The data is then reviewed for accuracy and completeness before being converted into a format that insurance companies and healthcare providers for processing claims can use.

We ensure that the data entered is accurate and consistent. It requires attention to detail and a thorough understanding of the data fields and their corresponding formats.

Basic keying is an essential step in the data conversion process for health claims, as it lays the foundation for accurate and efficient claims processing.

Digitizing paper data

Converting paper data into digital format is digitization. We digitize paper data, where paper documents such as medical bills and insurance claims are converted into digital files. It is more convenient and beneficial for easier data storage, retrieval, and analysis.

Digitization in health claims allows for faster processing and approval of claims. Digital files can be easily transmitted and reviewed by insurance companies, reducing the need for paper mail and manual processing. It leads to faster reimbursements for patients and healthcare providers.

Digitization allows for easier analysis of the data. Digital files can be easily sorted and filtered, making it easier to identify data patterns and trends and identify potential fraud or errors in the claims process.

Keying claim data directly into an adjudication system

Entering claim information directly into an adjudication system is crucial in converting data for health claims. This information is then used to determine the validity and coverage of the claim and to process payments to healthcare providers.

We are experts and have in-depth knowledge of codes and terminology used in the healthcare industry and an understanding of the various rules and regulations that govern the processing of health claims.

The data conversion process for health claims is important for ensuring that claims are processed accurately and efficiently. By keying in claim data directly into an adjudication system, healthcare providers can ensure that their patients receive the coverage and reimbursement they are entitled to and that the claims process runs smoothly.

Keying data from a HCFA or UB form

Entering information from HCFA or UB forms into the Data Conversion process for Health Claims is essential for ensuring accurate and timely claims processing. HCFA and UB forms are used to submit medical claims to insurance providers and government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.

Accuracy is critical when keying in data from HCFA or UB forms. We ensure the data is entered correctly, including the correct spelling of patient names, diagnosis and treatment codes, and patient demographic information.

Storing and cataloging the claims for future reference

It is critical to store and catalog all claims for future reference properly. It is much easier now, as we create a system in which all claims are properly labeled, organized, and easily accessible for anyone needing to reference them in the future.

This system will be able to handle a large amount of data and search and retrieve specific claims quickly and efficiently.

It will be regularly maintained and updated to ensure that all claims are accurate and up-to-date. Having a well-organized system for storing and cataloging claims allows easy access to important information and helps prevent any errors or inaccuracies.

Processing the claims

We offer claims processing, which is the process of handling and evaluating health claims in data conversion is a complex and multi-step process that involves collecting, reviewing, processing, analyzing, and taking action on the information using advanced tools and techniques.

Accuracy and timely completion

Netmark Business Services is dedicated to providing the highest accuracy and timely service. We understand the importance of meeting tight deadlines and delivering accurate data. Whether you need claim data conversions or any other business service, Netmark will deliver results with precision and efficiency.

Please call us for accurate claim data conversions.

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Netmark prides itself on its deep expertise on multiple platforms like QNXT, AMISYS, FACETS, HSP among others. Netmark’s bench of expert examiners and appeal experts can truly help reduce claim inventory substantially in a matter of days.

All software pend a deny a percentage of claims while auto adjudicating a majority of claims. Backlogs and appeals are inevitable. Processing appeals are expensive as only the smartest and most experienced examiners can work on appeals. Netmark can offer extremely experienced appeal processors and offers a per-appeal processed price that helps the claims processing department stay within or under budget. Give us a call or email us at [email protected] for a quick conversation.

All software pend a deny a percentage of claims while auto adjudicating a majority of claims We offer…

Provider call centers manned by experienced adjudicators with knowledge of navigating complex adjudicating software

Experienced retired claim directors who can act as a SWAT team to handle any complex claims issue

Plan configuration – Am experienced team of claim configurators who can work with your actuaries and configure