Individual Tax Returns Support

Netmark Business Services offers tax preparation services to CPA firms on their individual clients tax returns, including the preparation of federal and state tax returns, and filing extensions. Netmark has experts in most of the Tax Prep software like Pro Series, ATX, and Patriot among others etc. Netmark will notify the CPA’s office for missing documents in the current year’s a return based on the previous year’s return.

Netmark Individual Tax Returns Support

Tax Returns today are more complex than ever before. Keeping up with the latest tax rules and regulations can be daunting for individuals. Post pandemic, CPA firms are struggling to find the right talent, having to right size their teams given the surge and lull in tax work, and the vagaries of the  tax season.

Gig work and changing regulations mean that individuals need to be well-informed while filing their taxes. While it is possible to file your own taxes, it behooves most individuals to seek the help of a CPA to benefit from the many nuances of changing tax laws and regulations

At Netmark Business Solutions, our team of experienced tax preparers can provide comprehensive tax return support to CPAs – whether it is filing extensions, preparing tax returns, or ongoing maintenance, and provide a flexible work force based on the tax season.

Netmark Business Services specializes in providing tax preparation services to CPA firms. These services include:

– Filing extensions
– Federal and state tax return preparation, and
– Notifying CPAs of their client’s missing documents.

Netmark professionals has deep knowledge and experience with different tax preparation software as in:

  • ATX
  • Pro Series
  • Patriot, and many others
  • Pro Connect etc.

Netmark’s team of CPAs, bookkeepers and tax preparers can help file returns from W2s, K1s and other documents to make the process as seamless as possible.

Contact Netmark today to learn more. You can trust us to prepare your client’s individual tax return with care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can get help from the IRS by visiting their website or calling their toll-free number. You can also visit your local IRS office or contact an experienced tax professional, such as a CPA.

If you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident who works in the country, you are generally required to file a tax return if you earn above a certain amount during the year. It’s also worth considering filing even if you earn less than that threshold, as you could potentially receive a refund.

Individual tax returns are the forms that individuals must complete and submit to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) each year in order to pay taxes on their income. It details your income from various sources and your deductions as in mortgages or education etc.

Netmark Business Services provides tax return services for CPAs. So the best place to start would be a CPA. He / She is like an MD for your finances. You can also choose to file the tax return yourself. This can be done online and on paper.. Contact us for more information.