Legal Deposition Services

Netmark’s Legal Deposition Services provide legal professionals with assistance in transcribing depositions. These services include the collection and organization of evidence, scheduling, and coordinating depositions. With most depositions today being virtual via Zoom or other means, Netmark will transcribe the entire deposition within a very short Turn Around Time.

Netmark Legal Deposition Services

Netmark Deposition Services is a leading provider of Litigation Support Services in the United States. Our end-to-end deposition delivery services are powered by the best transcriptionists and cutting-edge technology in the industry. We are committed to providing consistent, high-quality work that is always delivered on time.

As many attorneys know, the court reporter plays a crucial role in any deposition. With Netmark, attorneys can easily record and send deposition audio files to our highly skilled legal transcriptionists, who then transcribe the recordings and deliver them to our experienced QC/Audit team for final review and approval. This ensures that the final transcript is court ready and accurate. With our fast turnaround time, attorneys can trust that their deposition transcripts will be delivered quickly and efficiently.

Netmark Deposition Services eliminates the need for scheduling a traditional court reporter. With our virtual deposition services, both the Plaintiff and Defendant can enjoy the convenience and flexibility of recording depositions remotely. Not only does this save on logistics and travel costs, but it also provides the added benefit of having both audio and visual recordings available. This allows for quick resolution of any comprehension issues or disputes that may arise between Defense and Plaintiff counsels during the deposition process.

Our advanced technology and expert transcriptionists allow for faster, more accurate, and cost-effective audio/visual recordings. The advantages of our virtual depositions far outweigh the traditional method of having a live court reporter. With Netmark Deposition Services, you are entering a new era of depositions where speed, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness are at the forefront.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A legal deposition is a formal process in which witnesses and parties to a lawsuit answer questions under oath, typically administered by an attorney. Depositions are used to gather information for use in a trial. Since the pandemic, many depositions are now remote making for a more asynchronous transcription.

Examples of legal depositions include a witness testimony deposition, an expert opinion deposition, and a document examination deposition.

In easy words, a legal deposition is an interrogation process conducted by an attorney. Witnesses and parties to the lawsuit are asked questions under oath in order to obtain information relevant to the case.

Depositions in the United States are governed by state laws. Generally, they are conducted in private and can last anywhere from several hours to several days. The deposition transcript is typically used in court proceedings.