Netmark Business Services and MHC Services Strategic Partnership

Netmark MHC Strategic Partnership

Netmark Business Services and MHC Services Group have teamed up in a strategic alliance, targeting transformative improvements in health plan adjudication services.

This collaboration is set to expedite the conversion of premier health plan adjudication platforms to Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) services. Operating from California, their joint initiative emphasizes continuous maintenance and support for several leading health plan adjudication software products, aiming to create superior operational performance and enhanced cost efficiencies.

Netmark’s Expertise in BPO Services

Netmark Business Services, a leader in Business Process Outsourcing services to health plans and third-party administrators, joins forces with MHC Services Group. MHC, a professional consulting group serving similar markets, aligns with Netmark to ensure health plans experience a smooth transition to operations from implementation while meeting changing regulatory and industry requirements.

MHC’s Role in Transition and Support

MHC Services Group is instrumental in shifting clients’ core claims administration processing systems to Netmark’s BPO Team. This includes refining claim adjudication and payment processing. MHC will uphold vital system maintenance support, including configuration, testing, and training.

Leadership Perspectives on the Partnership

“The partnership between Netmark Business Services and MHC Services Group will expand and improve our clients’ transformation process and system support experience. MHC is known for its depth of experience serving health plans and TPAs for many years. We are excited to share this partnership’s value with our clients,” said Kari Shankar, Managing Director at Netmark Business Services.

“Netmark Business Services is known for its years of experience delivering proven Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services to the health plan and TPA markets. We are pleased to work closely with Netmark’s team and align our professional service specialties with Netmark’s BPO experts to elevate the value, experience, and success for our clients,” said Graham Higton, President of MHC.

Innovative Solutions for Complex Challenges

The collaboration between Netmark and MHC Services Group addresses the intricate challenges faced by health plans and third-party administrators. By bringing together their expertise, they offer an innovative, cost-effective solution for transformation and Business Processing Outsourcing. This partnership marks a dedication to excellence in health plan adjudication services, promising streamlined processes and heightened support and expertise.

About MHC Services Group

MHC Services Group is a leading independent consulting group with expertise in navigating healthcare payer challenges. Known for its reliability and skill, MHC offers extensive professional services like system integration and implementation and handling diverse healthcare programs. Their team of experienced professionals ensures the successful alignment of operational and technical goals for clients.

About Netmark Business Services

Specializing in advanced BPO services for healthcare enterprises, Netmark Business Services is a prominent SOC II, Type 2 certified organization. They excel in claims processing, data processing for members and providers, capitation and claims payment, and more, focusing on healthcare plans and third-party administrators. In addition, Netmark excels in member and provider data processing, benefits data processing, capitation, claims payment, claims auditing and reconciliation, medical records review, litigation support services, legal deposition services, and accounting support.

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